Slimming Revolution is a software App reserved to mobile devices, such as smartphone or tablet, offered by Food Philosophy srl, which clients are served with a food advice service trought certain devices with an internet connection. you can subscribe to a monthly membership.
Present Geneal Use Conditions regulate clients’ use of Slimming Revolution service offered byFilosofia Alimentare srl with legal head office in via Garibladi 11, – C.F./P.IVA 03466650961 (from now on “Filosofia Alimentare”).
Use ofFilosofia Alimentare is conditioned on your acceptance of the present General Conditions

Art 1 – Definitions
Fo the purposes of the present agreement, the following terms, save where otherwise provided, will have this meaning:
General Agreement Conditions (from now on “General Conditions”): the set of this General Agreement Conditions which discipline client use of Slimming Revolution Service;
A: Membership: agreement with which the client is allowed to use Slimming Revolution Service. The due fee will by charge monthly to the client, trought the following accepted payment methods.
B.Client: adoult person who will receive the Slimmin Revolution Service, according to the agreement, by paying the due cost.
C: Activation code: necessary numeric code to activate personal profile, authorized to use monthly food advice service bt Slimming Revolution;
D: Agreement: commercial offer, including attached documents, which are integral part of it, including the present General Conditions, after the login;
E: Authorized device: Smartphone and tablet with OS androin version up to 5.1, and Apple Smartphone and talbet with OS Ios vers up to 9.
F: content provider: Filosofia Alimentare food advice filed active society
G: Slimming Revolution Service: allowds the client the access to and use of food advice, trought the activated device/s.
H: Customer Service: customer care service

Art 2 – General Conditions
2.1 The validity and effectiveness of the agreement is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms, and also the due payment for the supply of Slimming Revolution service.
2.2 General Conditions applied to the client who login to Slimming Revolution service, are those you’ re reading now and pubblished on when you login. Filosofia Alimentare, in order to maintain flexibility in its own commercial relationship, is allowed to update or change any moment the present General Conditions, with previous notification to the client. Modifications to the present General Conditions will be effective, subject to pubblication on, after 30 days from the warning notification, and will be not applyed to contents and membership previously bought; the client use of Slimming Revolution Service 30 days after the notification imply the application of the new General Condition; within this deadline the client can terminate the contract.
2.3 The platform and Slimming revolution service are owned by Filosofia Alimentare and are protected by copyright and by international and national laws in force about intellectual and industrial rights of property.

Art 3 – Use and activation necessary conditions
3.1 To access to Slimming revolution Service, the clientis aware that the following conditions must be satisfied:
a. to be an adult natural person with Italian residence;
b. to have an Internet broadband connection in high speed at least 1Mb/s;
c. to have an authorizated device, such as smartphone Android with version up to 5.1 or Apple deviced Ios version up to 9;
d. to look at the privacy policy while logging in
e. to accept the present General conditions.
Filosofia Alimentare doesn’ t assume any responsability for any problems in using Slimming Revolution Service which depends by lack of the former system requisites.
3.2 The Client is aware of and accept that:
a. use of specific contents can be limitated to some devices, according to market offer, and what visualized during the purchase of the service.

Art 4 – Login to Sliming Revolution service
4.1 In order to accede to the service, the client must log in on
4.2 The client can modify the personal data any time by the acces to the personal area in the App or contact the Customer Service email addres:
4.3 Filosofia Alimentare has the freedom of not activate, suspende or interrupt the service any time, if client personal data are not enough or not existent.

Art 5 – Slimming Revolution Service
5.1 The require price for Slimming Revolution Service is the one you can see during the purchase of the service;
5.2 the price for Slimming Revolution Service is charged to the client dispite he use it fully or partially;
5.3 If the client cancel his account before have totally used the service, he will loose the right of use the contents since the cancellation, without any alternative service or any return of money;
5.4 The account given to the Cliente is personal and can not be shared or gived to anyone.

Art 6 – Use of Slimming Revolution Service
6.1 The client is willing to use Slimming Revolution Service just for personal use, and the prohibition for any commercial and lucrative use it’s implied, moreover the client is willing not to give and share with someone the content purchased with Slimming Revolution Service;
6.2 Slimming Revolution Service and its contents must be used by the client in respect of intellctual and industrial rights of property of Filosofia Alimentare and third part. The client can not modify, copy, distribute, broadcast, pubblish, duplicate, give under licence, create derivate work, transfer, adapt, sell, rent, share on the net, rent out the content to third part or facilitate one of the above-mentioned elements. If the client violate this duty and the intellectual property rights of content provider, of foo Philosofy or third part, he will be punished by the laws in force.
6.3 The client expressly accept that the violation of the above-mentioned restriction cause the authomatic finish of the present agreement according to art 1456 c.c, morover the authomatic ending of slimming Revolution Service, exept for the compensation of damage suffered by Filosofia Alimentare

Art 7. Payment Methods

71. Accepted payment methods are:
credit card:
In case the client choose to pay with credit cars, must be sure he is authorized with on line payment, be sure of fill in all the data correctly and to have security circuit password Verifier by visa and Securcode my Mastercard. The accepted credit cards are: CartaSi, Visa, Mastercard. The charge on the bank accout is subject to acceptance by Food Philosofy of a properly compilated submission by the client, according to art 2.1 of General Conditions.
Use credit card foron line purchase is a save and practical method. Filosofia Alimentare will keep the informations about credit card and personal data secret. All sensitive data are coded during the transmission with SSL tecnology (Secure Sockets Layer) use all over the world as the most secure. All the data are achived in secure server, far away form any possible internet connection. The client must verify that his browser is compatible with SSl tecnology in order to end the order.
PayPal it’s an on line payment methods which consider the open of a PayPal account. if you pay with this methods you will be ridirect to PayPal web site in a page to fill in with address, personal e-mail and password of your own PayPal account, or in a page to register for a new account.
After the registration the client will proceede to payment via PayPal with no need to fill in again with personal data. by choosing this payment methods the price will be directly charged on PayPal account in the purchase moment. For each transaction a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you from PayPal. In case of annulment the amount will be refund on client’s PayPal account. Cookie acceptation is necessary for every purchase or subscription on Slimming Revolution platform.
7.2 The expected costs for Slimming Revolution Service visualization and applicable taxes will be authomatically charged to client according to the choosen payment methos during the registration or afterwards activated. The prices ad fixed in Euro and they include IVA applicable in client’s city of residence according to tax rate in force during the purchase.
7.3 Filosofia Alimentare will send the receipt of the done consumption just via e-mail, to the mail account given during registration or afterwards.
7.4 Payment receipt will be sent to client after the purchase of the contents, according to the methods descript in art. 10.2 and however within hour 24.00 of the day in which the transaction has been done.

Art 8 – right of withdrawal
8.1 The client who has PURCHASED Slimming Revolution Service will have right of withdrawal without any penalty within 14 (fourteen) work days since the registration date, according to what’ s written in artt 52 and following of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consume Code), only if he has not use Slimmming revolution Service, partially or totally. Slimming Revolution Service is considered to be activated when the activation code is used and activated.
Ask for withdrawal can be done by sending an e-mail to the following adress:
8.2 In case the right of withdrawal is done within the indicated deadline, Filosofia Alimentare make the effort to pay back all the received payment without undue delay, however within 14 (fourteen) working days since the awareness of client’s withdrawal decision.
8.3 Right of withdrawal explained in art 8.1 and 8.2 is excluded, and loss of payback in consequent, if the client used the Service according to what’ s decided in art 59 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 lett. o) (Consume Code).
Deactivate of Slimming Revolution Service request and following deactivation will not implicate, in any case, any rights of refund of already charged amounts.

Art 9 – cancellation or suspension of slimming revolution service
9.1 In case of any violation to the present General Conditions and/or in the case of suspicious use by client of Slimming Revolution Service against law in force, for example, in case of fraudlent use of Slimming Revolution Service, selling, transferring, renting to third part of the Contents, non-authorized copy of them,Filosofia Alimentare reserve its right not to activate or to suspend Slimming Revolution Service untill the legality of client behaviour is verify, with prior wirtten reply of the client to the notifications.

Art 10 – Responsability
10.1 Filosofia Alimentare is responsable with the client for any contents uncompliance, according to art. 130 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (consume code); in case of contents uncompliance the client has right to the reinstatement of the contents for free, trought fixing or sostitution, choosen by the client within appropriate deadline, except if the remedy is impossible or eccessively expensive.
10.2 The Client is aware of the fact that correct functioning of Slimming Revolution Service, and the requested time for the access, is subjected to several factors and also to subsistence and sufficiency of system requirements, according to art 4. For theese reasonFilosofia Alimentare doesn’t guarantee and doesn’t assume any responsability for:
a. Potential problems using Slimming Revolution Service depending on lack or insufficiency of Client’s devices qualification
b. problems due to internet connection
c. insufficient broadband connection for the client

Art 11 – Customer Service
Clients can contact Slimming Revolution Customer Service in order to have assistance, o present any complaint to:
i) Web: by filling in the apposite form you can find in “absistence” session on
ii) e-mail: by writing assistance request to assistenza@ Rivoluzione

Art 12 – Final provision
12.1 if and when one of the present General Condition or part of them, will loose efficacy for any reason, or become invalide and unapplicable, the rest of them will still be valid.
12.2 The Agreement is under Italian law. The exclusive jurisdiction of the forum shall be that of the place of domicile or residence of the Customer.